What metals do you use? 

All metals used for our hoops, ball posts and studs are 24k Stainless steel unless noted otherwise. This means they are great for anyone with sensitive/sore ears and they are also nickel and lead free. 

I have super sensitive ears, do you do any hypoallergenic earrings? 

Of course, all of our metals used are 24k gold stainless steel and hypoallergenic. If you love a pair of earrings but need them in another metal more suitable, please pop me a message and we can do our best to sort this for you.


Are they durable? 

Polymer clay is super durable, flexible and lightweight however, do not purposely try and bend your earrings. If on the unlikely event something happens and your earring break then please contact me via email and we can help.

Caring for your earrings? 

Please make sure to always take your earrings out when sleeping, showering or swimming so that they live a longer life. Although polymer clay is water proof once baked, the connectors and charms are not and it is likely that those parts will tarnish if not cared for appropriately. 

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail and are dispatched within 7 days of ordering. If you ever have any issues with your delivery, then please contact me ASAP via email and I will do my best to solve it. 

We also now ship to the USA


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of what you are purchasing, we cannot offer any refunds due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the earrings haven’t been inserted into customers ears, which means they cannot of course be resold.

If for any reason your earrings arrive broken or damaged and you can send us a image of this, we can arrange a replacement/refund ASAP.