MSPA, Oslo, Frame Series, Fixed Body, Movable, Hot Tub & Spa, Wi-Fi, App Controlled, Jets & Bubble System

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MSPA, Oslo, Frame Series, Fixed Body, Movable, Hot Tub & Spa, Wi-Fi, App Controlled, Jets & Bubble System – 6 Person


Color: Outer Liner: Carbon Grey | Inner Liner: Cloudy White


  • Easy assembly required. Plug & play & has 4 IKEA kind of screws on 4 corners and rest is all plug in modules. Hard Body frame with Rhino Tech 6 layer reinforced PVC inner liner
  • Our new OSLO spa is not only stunning, but features the latest in MSpa technology. This beautiful spa packs all the rigidity of a traditional spa while sporting MSpa’s signature portability and ease of installation. Enjoy multiple hydromassage jets in addition to our variable air bubbling technology while a beautiful remote controlled light strip adds a sense of luxury, creating unparalleled ambiance.
  • MSpa OSLO is a revolutionary, top of the line, FIXED BODY, Hot TUB & SPA. IDEAL for mobility & for houses & apartment units that does not have access to move a fixed body hot tub over the roof.
  • OSLO from FRAME SERIES, SQUARE, Hot Tub & Spa, is a revolutionary Hot Tub with Classic frame, nice to look & durable. Hydromassage Jets, 8 adjustable JETs nozzles along with 140 Air Bubbling system
  • OLED touch screen for easy operation. Is WI-FI enabled for you to control from MSPA app from your smart phone. Color Changing LED lighting to suit your mood & ambience.
  • Proprietary 360° air jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles, staggered jets push bubbles into the center of the spa, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage. Inflatable bladder for better heat preservation & rain outflow.
  • The OSLO has all the latest technology of MSpa. The JET function offers more powerful massage than BUBBLE function, thoroughly ease your body. OSLO is available in 6-person size. Fill the SPA with garden hose & enjoy what BEST LIFE has to offer!

Details: REVOLUTIONARY FIXED BODY: HOT TUB & SPA option for houses, apartments, buildings, or tight spaces that does not have access to move a normal Fixed Frame Hot Tub over the roof. Comes with hard frame and 6-layer Rhino-Tech Reinforced PVC inner liner. WI-FI ENABLED & APP CONTROLLED: Control your Spa from anywhere at any time. HYDROMASSAGE JETS: Hydro Massage jets offer an invigorating water massage with adjustable directions & levels. ALL AROUND BUBBLING DESIGN: Proprietary 360° air jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles creating a balanced all-encompassing body massage. OLED TOUCH SCREEN: For easy operation. HEADREST & BACKREST: For your comfort. TIMER FUNCTION - LESS WAITING,MORE ENJOYEMENT: To get the warm & cozy MSpa just ready when you want it. CHILDREN SAFETY LOCK: The entire line of MSpa is equipped with the children safety lock. ANTI-ICING SYSTEM: When the water temperature is lower than 1°C (33.8°F), the heater runs automatically until the water is heated up to 3°C (37.4°F). SMART FILTRATION: To ensure the best quality of water in the spa, the filtration system will automatically operate for 60 minutes every 8 hours during stand-by mode. SEATING CAPACITY: Upto 6 adults BUILT-IN HEATER: Heats up to 104°F/40°C WATER CAPACITY: 305 Gal. CONTROL SYSTEM: 110-120V/60Hz HEAT INCREASING RATE: 1.5-2.2°F/hour, use timer function for pre-preparation. MASSAGE AIR BLOWER: 700W – 3 levels (L1:300W, L2: 450W, L3:700W) HEATER: 1350W DIMENSION: Outer diameter 70.9” | Height: 26” COLOR: Outer: Carbon Grey | Inner: Cloudy White