Pentair 11057 VS Plus SVRS Variable Speed in Ground Pool Pump

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Pentair 11057 VS Plus SVRS Variable Speed in Ground Pool Pump


Color: Black


  • Pentair Model: 011057
  • Onboard computer and intelligent software allow complete control over minimum and maximum speed settings
  • VS+SVRS model features a safety vacuum release switch that complies with Federal legislation under the Virginia Graeme Baker Act
  • Variable speed pump with permanent magnet motor and Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled design for years of use
  • EPA Energy Star certified, 2 inch intake and discharge ports and operates on 230 volts

Details: The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pumps combine variable drive technology, onboard digital intelligence, and permanent magnet motors to reduce pump-related energy costs by up to 90%. The new IntelliFlo VS+SVRS model is the first swimming pool pump to feature a built-in Safety Vacuum Release System that detects drain blockage and automatically shuts the pump off. IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pumps are also the first to use exclusive permanent magnet motor technology. This provides a typical base savings of 30% over pumps with traditional induction motors. They also include a variable speed capability, along with digital controls and proprietary HMI software that allows easy custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasks such as filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, waterfalls, etc. There are eight individual, adjustable speed settings at your command. For virtually all applications, the optimum speed will be lower than the pre-set, unchangeable speeds of older pumps. Built-in diagnostics protect the IntelliFlo pump from the most common causes of premature failure like overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities. Its built-in controller and proprietary SVRS software detect blockage of the drain and automatically shuts the pump off within seconds and complies with Federal legislation under the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. There are no SVRS calibrations needed as the built-in SVRS cannot be turned off. The new rotatable keypad allows for easy programming and viewing while the safety lock-out password protection feature prevents pump speed settings from being changed by unauthorized personnel. Features EPA Energy Star certification, VST style drive, top mounted field wiring compartment, 2 inch intake/discharge ports, and operates on 230 volts. Pentair Model: 011057.