RESEARCHED BY PHDS Sweat Dry Home Sauna | 6 Infrared Heaters | Full Red Spectrum

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RESEARCHED BY PHDS Sweat Dry Home Sauna | 6 Infrared Heaters | Full Red Spectrum | Hemlock & Tempered Glass | Skin Cleansing, Detox, Heat Therapy | Control Panel, Bluetooth, AUX, mp3 | 1 Person Sauna


Color: Dark Honey Stain


  • Researched By PhDs - No more false promises. Sweat Dry Sauna was made with the help of experts in fields of medicine, therapy, and academic research. Every benefit we advertise is documented and found in published research.
  • Health Benefits And Relaxation - Immerse yourself in full spectrum red light therapy that rejuvenates your skin. Strengthen your immune and cardiovascular system. Experience muscle relaxation, skin cleansing, pain relief, body detoxing, and more.
  • Luxurious Build Quality - Your sauna is meant to last you a long time. Natural Hemlock will not only last you more than a decade, but will also appreciate and harden with use. Tempered glass isn’t there just for looks, it significantly boosts the high energy efficiency our saunas provide. Relax to the fullest with built-in backrests.
  • Tune Your Experience - Sweat Saunas come filled with features you can adjust through the built-in LED control panel. Take your relaxing music with you with built-in speakers, as well as Bluetooth, AUX, and mp3 ports.
  • Energy Efficient Engineering - A common pain point for sauna enthusiasts is the energy bill. We engineered our saunas for maximum heat efficiency. Your energy bill will remain nearly identical.